Saturday 15 October 2016
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Sharing Economy Of Custom Shoes

Customize your own photo on shoes ?Get into copyright just like uber mode, if you are willing to.

  • Personalized Is valuable;
  • LESS COST ,change parts get new combinaton;
  • More combinations ,e. g. 3 soles * 3 the vamp = 9 shoes;
  • The soles could be made better, because of it’s long life;
  • Reduce resource waste and environmental pollution;
  • The sole function of different scenes corresponding to different;
  • Easy and clothing combinations;
  • Customize your own photo on shoes,More meaningful and happiness;
  • Get into copyright, if you are willing to, Like Uber mode;

Four Major Components:

  • Big soles made of Polyurethane
  • Mid sole is very soft and elastic
  • Vamp can be replaced and personalized custom
  • Easy to replace Connector

Our contribution for the environment!

Shoes can be so green and save 4 soles and 4 vamp mix to 16 styles shoes save resources of 12 style shoes at all! The Soles or vamps also mix new parts! Our contribution for the environment!
Link to the Project:

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