Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Oracle 33 Card Deck - Empowering the Teenage Soul

33 Empowering & insightful messages to guide teenagers through their daily life with clarity and humour, awakening their intuition.

Hello Everyone!

I’m the creator of the 33 Teen Card Oracle Deck, ‘Empowering the Teenage Soul,’ Intuitive guidance for everyday life.

The focus of the deck is to get Teens & pre-teens curious about the role of intuition in their lives. We all know kids face a million challenges including online bullying and social media pressure. There are so many lessons to learn between 11yrs and 19 yrs- many of which can be safely navigated by understanding and using their intuition- comprising of gut feelings, a sense of right & wrong and unltimately a sense of self respect. The messages I’ve written are inspiring, unique and thought- provoking, the art is stellar, imaginative and varied (the cards featured are not complete- the art is finished but they need the final writing below and on the back). As you can see no two cards are alike!

Why 33 cards you ask? I love the number 33; to me it’s a special number! Secondly, kids need variety without being bombarded. Any more cards would overload them and become repetitive. ( Who likes that?!)

I’m a full-time working clairvoyant medium, meditation teacher & mentor- (without a gypsy shawl I might add.) I’ve spent a lot of my 10 year career inspiring others, including children and youth. Between my client base in Canada & Abroad and my determination and tenacity to get the cards and the message out there- I will create a successful platform for the cards to reach as many teens as possible. (By the way anyone would love working with these cards! Many of my adult clients are ordering them!) 
About Project Creator:

Shana Lee Gibson

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At 15 years old I predicted and witnessed an accident my mum had when visiting a friend’s farm. Up until that point I’d been experiencing visions, feelings and a sharp knowingness that was unexplored and misunderstood. I longed for a spiritual guide- someone to help me understand what I was feeling. Later I discovered my mediumship and a series of synchronicities led me to begin giving readings in 2007 and the work began. (I had other career plans!) View Full Bio
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