Monday 19 December 2016
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MASZARYK - underwear, which connects nations

Pulling down your underwear means pulling down the flags - no differences - we are all naked.

We are a new brand of underwear called MASZARYK and with our products, we literally want to connect countries that are currently in tense relationships.

Instead of taking down our enemies, we should take down our partners‘ underwear. Much more pleasure in that, don’t you think.

And this is why you can find in one underwear pack, one pair of underwear in Ukraine theme for you and another one in Russian theme for your partner in our releasing collection.

Underwear is very intimate, it gets to our very skin. By taking off underwear representing a country flag, we free ourselves and become naked. We become those people we were when we were born, without a nationality that was given to us afterwards.

Our brand Maszaryk comes from Masaryk – the first Czech-Slovak president who joined up two nations without the use of any guns. This very fact in the history of these two nations is extremely important and we believe that it should also become known world-wide. We would like to breathe life into this historical element and bring hope and belief to people, to let them realise nations shouldn’t need to fight. They can love each other.

Maszaryk underwear expresses this idea via the product design, where these fighting countries are symbolically brought together. The foundation of the brand as well as the whole production process are based in Czechoslovakia. Materials used for our products are sourced from high-quality local producers and are processed by various small entrepreneurs, all within Czech and Slovak Republics. Therefore, this brand recreates now extinct label – Made in Czechoslovakia.

What’s unique about Maszaryk

The world is full of people that didn’t have any say in whether they want their country to be in a politically unstable state or in a state of war. Maszaryk would give them the chance to SPEAK UP and express their opinions.

And above all considering our materials, we set out to reach a few important targets:

– Maszaryk shouldn’t annoy your skin, the canvas we use is a very comfortable   blend of cotton and elastic fibre

– Maszaryk should be soft and strong at the same time, the threads we use are very strong and long-lasting

– Maszaryk is comfortable and functional

– No toxic substances present

– The design is innovative and surprising, comes from individual national cultural patterns

– Maszaryk cannot let down the good old high-quality label ‘Made in Czechoslovakia’

About Project Creator:

Michaela Chmurova , Matus Molnar

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We are young couple from Slovakia and have been working on Maszaryk since we came from our journeys, because of our son, who have happened in New Zealand J. I’m into fashion design since my high school specialized in this segment, working on own jewellery, recycling old and second hand stuff.

I had a lot of different jobs, but have been always drawn to fashion.

However, the idea of sewing underwear, came from my boyfriend, who always wanted underwear as a souvenir from ours‘ or our friends‘ travels. He thinks, that you never have enough underwear and likes to have a really close look on what they are made from.

Once, we had been talking about his „underwear passion“ and my passion for design and fashion and we came up with MASZARYK.

And because he is a bit of a political guy, we wanted it to have a deeper idea, make it a symbol of our generation, not to leave it as an another peice in a drawer.

Because “hate is not sexy”, but our underwear is.

It’s not easy to work on everything we want to bring, with a small devil and another on it’s way J, but what we miss in time, we add in enthusiasm.

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