Wednesday 30 November 2016
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Empowering Youth Through Technology

Web design and marketing firm to give real world opportunity to and empower small-town youth.

My Visible Company is an LLC located in Hoopeston, Illinois (USA)

We focus on Web, Logo, and Graphic Design – as well as Marketing, SEO, I.T., and Sales Support

This company was formally founded in 2016 – however, we have over a decade of experience building up to this point.

My Visible Company, LLC is Web Design and Marketing firm that is looking to great programs for small-town youth across the country (or world!) that will help bridge the gap for them to have access to “big city” opportunities. Be believe that by changing lives, we can make a huge positive impact in a negative world. Our goal is to raise $50,000 - $100,000 in order to secure opportunities, partnerships, programs, and a facility that will allow youth direct interaction with leading technology.

Hey guys!  Adam Wood, here - CEO and Founder of My Visible Company, LLC.   We are a Web Design, Marketing, and Technology firm based in a small Midwestern town.

I’ve spent over a decade of my life working in the marketing and web development fields.  One of the things that you notice, is that the tech world is one of the biggest, and exciting fields out there.  One of the things that is also hard to swallow, is that unless kids are brought up in a highly populated area, or are lucky enough to have the resources available to be connected, it’s sometimes just out of their arms reach to get real experience and to join this exciting path that they could be taking.

My goal, with this new company that I founded this year, is to bring those experience opportunities to kids in smaller areas that might not otherwise have the opportunities that youth in larger cities do.  We want to show them that website, marketing, and tech work is exciting, and it can change the world.

There is nothing better than bringing out a fire in someone and getting them to believe in themselves in order to move mountains.  With your help, we can bring these opportunities to small towns in Central Illinois and all over the country.
About Project Creator:

Adam Wood has spent the last 15 years working in and out of the music industry, as well as learning the deepest tricks of the Marketing trade. Along with his expertise in Web Design and SEO, Adam has been able to grow his service offerings to that of a full-service agency.

After spending years in Nashville, Tennessee, Adam moved back to his home state of Illinois with his wife, Stacy, and their 4 kids to start My Visible Company, LLC.
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