Tuesday 29 November 2016
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One bike one light!

Let’s 3D print bicycle light. Battery free ! Imprimons des lumières de vélo en 3D, sans batterie !

Hello Hi !  

My name is Alexis, 25 years old engineer in renewable energies and decicated to build green solutions for the world starting with this first project, one bike one light !

“I want to make run 3D printers in the world to build ecofriendly useful things !”


We all need a bicycle light for safety on our bike isn’t it ?

Let’s do itecofriendly ! So I developped a bicycle light working days and night without any battery.

3D printable to be made everywhere in the world !

Final designs would be released as soon as the campaign is finished to develop local manufacturing everywhere in the world !

Everyone should have access to a battery free bicycle light made in its own country !

How does it work  

A magnet is mounted on the wheel and passes in front of the coil fixed on the frame ( where the light is) of the bicycle without any wires !

And each time the magnet passes in front of the coil electricity is created and goes to high performance LEDs. It’s a kind of frictionless dynamo.
About Project Creator:

Alexis Edouard Paszkier

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I’m Alex,an engineer in renewable energies and energy efficiency.  I worked in several project before this one as biodiesel made from microalgae.  Also, I helped on designing a sunpower plant for southern country. Actually able to work on different projects this kind, I decided to start mine,drawing 3D models,keeping improving it day by day.
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