Monday 4 April 2016
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Our goal is to create a gene bank in space ensuring the preservation of the human race.

The Goal

Our team’s goal is to get human gene samples into outer space, thus creating a gene bank in space ensuring the preservation of the samples and the human race upon Earth’s destruction.

This very important rocket is going to be sent into space in one year after the funds have been collected.

Handling of the samples

The samples will be carried and stored in liquid nitrogen until the launch, after that, the -270 C in space will grant the preservation of them. According to scientists, the genetic material can be stored indefinitely at this temperature.

This genetic material ca also be found in your blood and your other cells, you can read more about on our website, so it should be obvious, the fact that you are a female or under aged, etc is not excluding as a drop of blood or other tissue sample is suitable as well. In addition to the samples you will be able to send messages, instructions or any information, pictures or videos using the given storage space in the rocket.

Final destination

According to our plans we want to aim our rocket to a target, where, according to NASA’s scientists, the probability of intelligent life form is the highest. For example the KIC 8462853 star, discovered in 2009, which has something orbiting around it or the Kepler-452b, discovered in 2015, already referenced as “Earth 2.0”. Of course, we are open to any further suggestions and after the start of the website, you will be able to vote for the final destination.

As a part of our plans, we want to make it possible for our main supporters to have their samples’ preservation guaranteed two times, firstly in the rocket and also in the container which will be dropped onto the Moon during the travel and which is very likely to also be a statue, being the first ever made monument on it.

If you are wondering, what are the chances, this rocket won’t hit anything we don’t want it to along the way, let us share with you the following link and this short

“… With all that in mind, and all those assumptions—even the ones that exaggerate our chances of hitting something—in place, astrocubs estimates that our theoretical spaceship would have to fly from one end of the galaxy to the other 15,000 times before ever running into anything.” 


The plan has three main phases. We are over the first one, we came up with the ideas, we assessed our opportunities, cross-checked with engineers, scientist, theoretical and practical experts and now we are 100% sure it is feasible, using the target amount of the third phase. We are currently in the second phase, where we share the whole project with you. There are some coordinations, license requests and technological develpments yet to come for which we need the funds. After we have them, we can start collecting samples and, eventually launch the rocket.

At this time, our goal is to collect the funds to complete phase 2.

Of course, those who already have some trust in us and want to ensure their place in the project will get direct access to our every step along the way and will be the first ones to be informed about everything. Our website is going to be accessible after the first campaing, when we have the required funds for the preparations.

If we succeed

The launch will be broadcasted on the internet, using special drones, getting special close-ups of the event. But anyone will be able to watch te whole thing in live, at the launch site. During the launch we plan to have a huge party at the site with star DJs, giving a proper farewell for the to-be alien generations. All the earnings during this event will be used by the Save Oceans Now foundation to clean our waters. Maybe we will be able to do something for our race here on Earth as well.

The person with the highest amount donated will be the one who can push the launch button. Well, dear earthlings, let we wish good luck to our spermonauts, who will soon leave Earth, thanks to your help and participation.

Addition In case you wish to have space in the rocket for more than one, for example you want your football team to participate, you have to highlight it someways using the transfer’s comment section.

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