Wednesday 21 December 2016
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We need a boost to make this dream come true! this is a project that will change our way of travelling , for all of us!let’s share a dream!

Can’t go on your trip and risk losing your money ? Not anymore, post it in our world showroom! You will be sure to find someone interested in buying it at a competitive price and you can get some of your money back! We are trying to change the world of travelling and doing a revolution! Be part of it!

To travel is to live!


It is a platform that gives you the opportunity to sell a trip to recover some of the cost, or to purchase a trip at favourable prices.


If you are buying, you’ll find unique deals, better than many last-minute deals which often have hidden extra costs, genuine discounts from real people who have not been so lucky on this occasion but who have the chance to take advantage of this innovative platform


For those frequent times when you are unable to go on a trip and you think, “now I’m going to lose my deposit”, or those times when you think “this trip is too expensive”


Thanks to the Swapyourtravel platform you can recover the costs of a trip you are unable to take, and enable others who wish to take advantage of the platform to travel at incredible prices.
About Project Creator:

Matteo Scarciolla

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Employer in a gaming company for too many years , suddenly , while walking on a beach in Greece i had this idea..i share it with two friends\brother of a lifetime and they found it amazing! it is time to change our life , travel more and above all at a better price!
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