Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Frustrated with the English? Learn it once with the only method that get your mother tongue: spiiknao. Speaks English 2016!

End the frustration of using your native language English

If you have tried to improve your English in recent years you do not need anyone to explain the widespread frustration of those who study the language.

A simple idea as powerful makes spiiknao a radically different approach. It is the only one that takes full advantage of something that you already have: a perfect command of Spanish.Instead of starting from scratch, as “tabula rasa”, you start with half your mission accomplished, and now you just have to complete the other half: English.

Spiiknao is a method to get your native language to teach English the easy, quick, logical and definitive, with three simple steps:

  1. Understand how you function in Spanish
  2. Transfer it into English
  3. Automatizalo through practice

Spiiknao is a pioneering method, born of necessity and fully developed from scratch. Although it has been validated by students of flesh over five years, it is still in its original format.

It speaking, is like having built the first Apple II in our garage: works, is revolutionary and can change forever the teaching of English. Now I have to throw.

Your English will be an extension of your Spanish

Once you discover the huge asset that involves leverage the knowledge you already have, you realize the pedagogical crime is no tap that potential.

With spiiknao discover unusual things never understood before, that will greatly facilitate learning in three main areas: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Here are some examples:

• In English there is no “long” and “short” vowels, as you have been taught; They are diphthongs, and use exactly the same in Spanish.

• The “schwa”, considered the most frequent phoneme is not really a phoneme, but a lack of phoneme. It is important to understand that pronouncing English. And by the way, also we use it all the time in Spanish.

• English courses devote more than 70% of the time to teach verbs; with spiiknao you learn in the afternoon. And you get the master key to use the rest of your life.


Domingo Garcia

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Former marketing and sales executive in high-tech companies in the US and Latin America. Investor. Objectivist. Paraglider pilot. Professor of English. Creator of the method * * spiiknao and founder of the same name.



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