Tuesday 20 December 2016
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MEET MY FAMOUS FRIENDS - A witty picture book for all ages

Do you know Vincent van Goat? Or Susan Bee Anthony? Then you must see DiSilvio’s stunning new picture book, Meet My Famous Friends.

MEET MY FAMOUS FRIENDS is a fantastical picture book that pays homage to genius.

Author/artist Rich DiSilvio has created a unique way of engaging children and young adults by inventing whimsical portraits of famous people, like Vincent van Goat, Susan Bee Anthony, Martin Luther Kingpin Jr., Albert Eine-Stein, Mark Train, Carrotvaggio, Lionardo da Vinci, Giacomo Poochini, Amelia Air-Heart, Pablo Pickaxo and more.

As the author says himself, “The intent is not only to incite a laugh or two, but to stir the imagination while honoring these luminous talents. Creativity and invention is contagious, so hopefully this book will infect children of all ages, even adults. Oh, and don’t be frightened by theinfectious connotation, its purely non-toxic and, as you’ll see, a mind and humor stimulant.”

Accompanying the bizarre visual portraits are captions; some witty, others informative. While young children can simply gaze at and laugh at the funny and odd characters, older teens and adults will appreciate DiSilvio’s witty twisting of names, imaginative physical mutations, and succinct yet informative text. As such, “Meet My Famous Friends” is a picture book that the entire family can enjoy for years, and even gain inspiration from, as the geniuses presented are outstanding role models that any child or adult can embrace.

Meet My Famous Friends” will be a full-color 8”x 8” book that will come in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions.
About Project Creator:

Rich DiSilvio

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Rich DiSilvio is a noted artist and new media developer who has worked on projects for films and cable TV shows, such as James Cameron’s The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Monty Python: Almost the Truth, Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union, Operation Valkyrie, as well as for numerous music celebrities, such as Pink Floyd, Yes, the Rolling Stones, Moody Blues, Madonna, Cher, Willie Nelson, Jay-Z and more.

As an author, DiSilvio has written three novels and a non-fictional tome on Western civilization, all of which have received accolades from readers, professors, noted biographers, and even a senior manager at HISTORY/A+E.

Turning his attention to a younger audience, DiSilvio now seeks backers to fund this creative project that will feature full-color renditions of some very special and exotic artwork honoring greatness. “Meet My Famous Friends” is currently on Kickstarter and can found here: KICKSTARTER
Link to the Project: ages/

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