Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Tone & Fashion products make people happy :-)

Our main purpose is to make people happy and put a smile on their faces.

We welcome everyone to our universe 🙂 We are Tone & Fashion

Our main purpose is to make people happy and put a smile on their faces.  🙂

Our activity focuses on introducing The Emotional Tone Scale to people through our products.

Unique developed clothing and accessories, souvenirs. handicraft products.

“We believe that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality, environment and people are valued equally.” fashionrevolution

Our product was subjected to strict manufacturing and ethical requirements from the materials to the customization. The cotton dry goods, from which the product is made, is manufactured in a Hungarian plant with a special tying technology, which makes it twist-free, therefore its side seams will not twist after washing and repeated wear, preserving its new image. Due to the high-quality, long-fiber cotton which is purchased for the production of the cotton yarn, there are very few fiber-ends sticking out during machine knitting, therefore there will not be knots on the product. The products are manufactured at our dressmaker’s shop in Hungary employing handicapped persons. Machine-washable;requires no or only minimal ironing after drying on a coat hanger.
About Project Creator:

Andras Antal

I like to help people and bring them happiness.

Throughout my life I seek to share happiness and make others happy.

With the help of these products, I am able to share this with you¸ and I hope our products will help that smile on your face.
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