Tuesday 29 November 2016
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The E2E Foundation

E2E is an NGO creating partnerships that bridge gaps between the corporate and developing worlds.

E2E is a lean, ambitious and innovative non-profit based in Medellin, Colombia.

E2E was founded by Teryn Wolfe, Fulbright Researcher and Executive Director of E2E in 2014. E2E was created to solve some of the greatest problems our partners face today by bridging the gaps between the corporate and developing worlds. By partnering across sectors we provide access to resources, knowledge and measurable outcomes that bring together a range of stakeholders to maximize mutually beneficial relationships between business and society.


E2Es mission is to generate positive impacts by bridging the gaps between the corporate and developing worlds.


E2E’s vision is to create and leverage meaningful relationships across sectors to solve difficult social and environmental problems, using innovative impact measurement, capacity building techniques and financing mechanisms to maximize mutually beneficial partnerships that will promote sustainable development; substantiate and strengthen the benefits and impact of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.


First A host of complex social, financial and political barriers impede development and can even contribute to extreme poverty and environmental degradation. These problems include a lack of information and communication; inefficiencies and inconsistencies in financing and a lack of human capital to adequately analyze, design and monitor development efforts.

Second Businesses face increased scrutiny concerning their social and environmental practices. Demands for corporate responsibility often create negative perceptions of social investments in the business world. In reality, creating social value can strengthen the corporate world’s reputation — and triple-bottom-line (people, planet and profit).

That’s why E2E has created an innovative model to connect and support a network of stakeholders, that collectively, solve problems in both the business and developing worlds — creating a win-win situation for all of our partners. We collaborate with three main partner segments. Our emerging customers, established costumers and a strategic allies network.


E2E works with three main segments:

Our Emerging Partners, who are developing communities or projects;

Established Partners, who are businesses, government entities other foundations or even individuals; and lastly,

our Strategic Allies Network.

We support and strengthen each of our partner segments through a variety of activities and bring them together to maximize resources, collaboration and partnerships to create the greatest possible social and/or environmental impact.

Currently, E2E’s main activities are centered around workshops and trainings, impact measurement services and project design and management. Below you can learn more about how we work specifically with each of our partners.


About Project Creator:


Teryn Wolfe

Founder and Executive Director

MA in International Environmental Policy, Business and Sustainable Development from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. With past experience working in business, development and environmental policy, while on a Fulbright scholarship in Medellin, Colombia, she jumped at the opportunity to apply her diverse experiences to bring together multiples sectors and make a BIG impact for developing communities, businesses and NGOs alike—and started E2E.

Teryn is passionate about working at the nexus of business, the environment and poverty reduction, and works tirelessly to provide direction, vision and inspiration to her team and network. If you find Teryn taking a break from dreaming of E2E’s future, you’ll find her rock climbing, on her bike, cooking up some delicious vegan treats or traveling to new places!

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