Wednesday 21 December 2016
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CERC Therapy - Fund fastest EMF pain therapy!

CERC Therapy - The revolution in pain relief therapy by EMF - The fastest healing ever!


C.E.R.C Therapy:

Our medical device named “CERC Therapy“, is a revolution in the theme of pain relief therapy by electromagnetic fields, but also unmatched in accelerating processes of callusgenesis and osteogenesis of bone fractures and osteointegration with metallic prothesis. With our device the healing process of a lot of pathologies about musculoskeletal system is up to 100 times faster then other medical devices.

It stands for Controlled Electromagnetic Resonant Circuit This is our “secret”!

Driven by microcontroller, our device uses special emitter that “perceive” biological material in order to make the treatment and it can self-adjust in order to enter into resonance with it for the best energy emission. Management of this complex mechanism is driven by a sophisticated software That We conceived and designed ourselves.

The greatest advantages of CERC therapy are the speed  to Obtain results and the wide range of pathologies Which can be treated. 

By some of other methods you may undergo tedious sessions that can last many hours, or up to a whole night. Moreover, the treatments may take one or more months.

CERC Therapy can solve your problems with 30 minutes sessions only. Depending on the kind of disease it may take from 5 to 20 sessions every other day.

The general efficency is 100 times higher then competitors (Calculated in terms of energy supplied in the same time unit).


About Project Creator:

Roberto Farci

Roberto Farci, Italian, 45 years old, technical studies in electrical and electronics, Expert in analogue and digital electronics. My first job in 1991 was Quality Assurance Manager in a electronics factory that is member of a worldwide group leader in knitting machines. Since 1998 I’m owner of an Information Technology company, and now, Indiegogo campaign manager too! Technology always amazes me!


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