Wednesday 29 June 2016
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Clinical Support Systems - Commercialisation


Our goal is to reduce Illness and the incidence of Healthcare Associated Infections.

Clinical Support Systems (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd is a newly formed Australian business headed by three Directors who have over 55 years combined experience in the Healthcare Industry. We have successfully secured a sole supplier and territory agreement covering the Asia Pacific region from our supplier in the United States.

At Clinical Support Systems we need your help to market a range of products that can help prevent illness and save lives.

Not only will our products have important health benefits, they could save the Health Sector, Business and the wider Community millions of dollars annually.

Our products include:

MicrobeCareTM - an antimicrobial surface and room treatment that will have significant impact across multiple industries. MicrobeCare is quick and easy to apply. Treatments will be performed by fully trained technicians and can be applied by various means. We are initially focusing on Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Transport Industries.

Bac-Track - the first software of its type to provide a simple and affordable way to track contamination levels.


About MicrobeCareTM:

  • Is a bonded ammonium which is odourless, colourless, non-leaching and long-lasting.
  • The molecular bond holds the antimicrobial on surfaces to which it is applied.
  • Delivers a semi/permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier, which effectively controls bacteria, fungi, algae and some viruses, without dissipation, and prevents cross-contamination.
  • Microbial cells are drawn in by the positive negative ion exchange.
  • MicrobeCareTM particles penetrate cell membrane with a sword-like action to electrocute and destroy the micro-organism.


About Bac-Track:

  • TEST  - Nominated locations to be treated are Tested using an ATP test kit. Readings recorded in the Bac-Track database.
  • TREAT -  The facility is Treated with MicrobeCare using electrostatic sprayers to ensure uniform coverage across all surfaces.
  • TRACK Bac - Track software is installed. Key personnel are given access and are able to Track the data showing contamination levels by facility department, and equipment category. Audits are then taken at an agreed regular intervals by our Treatment Team following which the Data is uploaded into Bac-Track


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