Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Trust Greeks Bearing Gifts. Greek Mediterranean Diet -The Culture of Wellbeing

For people who seek Wellbeing & Longevity. Experience Cretan Mediterranean diet’s functional Flavors

We are very happy and proud to introduce you, our crowdfunding campaign launch,  under the moto “Trust Greeks Bearing Gifts”.

It’s about a complete proposal that covers all the key elements that support “The Culture of Wellbeing” via the Cretan Mediterranean Diet & way of living!!!

Our team feels passionate about: The Greek culture of wellbeing & specifically the Cretan Mediterranean Food & Diet.

Our Vision is to communicate this message globally, through high quality indigenous food products from small producers, offer dietitian consultancy, aiming to familiarize everyone by integrating it as a daily habit.

We are fully dedicated and committed to the fair- trade and social responsibility value in every daily step.

After 24 months of hard work to prepare all the infrastructure set up, the services, the vacation packages & food combinations, facing a lot of obstacles due to the economic crisis  in Greece, capital controls and many other restrictions in terms of funding, we are launching this campaign asking your support.

In return you can enjoy a lot of useful unique perks fully related to products & services.

  • Functional Food combinations & Nutrition ( 6perks) + 1 free book & e-book
  • Greek, Mediterranean diet LiveWebinars (1 perk) + 1 free book & e-book
  • A Great  book of wellness & longevity (1perk) + free e-book
  • Funny T-shirts & Aprons (1perk) + free e-book
  • Aegean sea sailing perk - Sail with us (1perk +1free +Food Giveaways)
  • Food travel Trip to amazing Crete. (1perk +1free +Food Giveaways)

Gastronomic visits, wonderful places, museums, history, culture…. unique holidays,
About Project Creator:

Michael Hermes Perselis

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Most are well said in our videos.I am one of the 3M’s Adding to that i would summarize that after 25 years in the IT industry in various managerial positions, technical, sales, marketing & business development a great circle has ended.

The circumstances in my country, i.e austerity, drove me to seek other paths, deciding to look for new opportunities, following mostly my heart & other aspects of my character. The love of cooking & tasting - The land & sea - The secret knowledge of grandmas…..
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