Wednesday 30 November 2016
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Global Health Care Network

Healthmace is a social health care network dedicated to those who have passion for healthcare. The main objective is to connect health professionals and anyone who has interest in healthcare globally in order to learn more about one another, network, exchange ideas, advertise health care products and services, and engage in forum discussions. The idea is basically to create a virtual space for all of those who would like to contribute to our health care delivery in the U.S. and overseas.All the services are free, anyone is able to join, publish and engage. The only condition is that any activity needs to have a health care focus. The funds will be used to add additional features to the application, create a mobile app version, and promotion.


  • Free Health Care Networking – Free sign up and sign in
  • Create professional but personal profile
  • Connect with those who are passionate about health care globally
  • It providers multiple platforms for health business, publishers, recruiters, clinicians, and patients
  • Get the latest blogs, jobs, news, forums about health care
  • Write, publish, and share with others
  • Receive credit points for being engaged which can be turned into cash or gifts to friends during the specific period
  • A wide range of services and tools that empower patients, providers, and health businesses and all for free

About Project Creator:

Mohamed A Ali

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I’m passionate about health care. I’m a business entrepreneur and health care consultant and strategist. Healthcare executive and management consultant in the areas of health plans administration, population health management, finance, and corporate marketing and strategy with entrepreneurial vision and strong communication and problem solving skills. View Full Bio
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