Tuesday 20 December 2016
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SwiftCoin.Club – User friendly app

SwiftCoin.Club makes the Banks obsolete by distributing money between franchises that don’t actually transfer funds

SwiftCoin.Club is a user friendly app which converts digital cash like bitcoin into paper cash by networking with local SCC franchisees who set their own terms, exchange rates and collect their own commissions.

The beauty of the SwiftCoin Club business model is that it does not actually transfer or handle anyone´s money. Instead, SCC tellers send and receive SwiftCoin to keep a running tally on credits and debits. The consumer does not need to use SwiftCoin to transfer funds from one city to another. Only the SwiftCoin tellers have to use SwiftCoin.

Daniel Bruno is the founder of SwiftCoin Club. He says earning, saving, sending and receiving money is a fundamental right. To that end, Team Daniel Bruno aims to reduce dependence on banks and money transfer agents like Western Union.

SwiftCoin app is available for free on Linux, WIndows and Android.…

How it works

Deposit cash to the app through an SwiftCoin Club Teller – or add with your debit card

Send instantly send any amount of money directly from the app to anyone in the world

Withdraw cash from the app via any SwiftCoin Club Teller


SwiftCoin.Club has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise 100k for this round, to spend on outreach. They will send you a spreadsheet showing how the money was spent and ask for your input.

They have already spent over a million dollars of our money getting to this point and now with your help, they can go viral. John McAfee is with them.

If you believe there is something fundamentally wrong with the financial system today, then you will want to support what they do. The beauty of the SwoftCoin Club franchise is the low barrier to entry.  For less than 10k, anyone around the world can become a SwiftCoin Club teller. Your contribution can count towards your own franchise fee.


Pledge $50-Gold One Oz. Bitcoin Token This is a gorgeous one ounce gold plated coin with the B for bitcoin symbol on one side and computer circuitry on the other. This is not bitcoin you can spend. Its only a representation of bitcoin.

Pledge $50- Gold One Oz. SwiftCoin Medal This gold plated one ounce representation of swiftcoin is a great conversation piece and ice breaker. Limited edition. Imperial double eagle design with quotation from Hanibal this is not crypto currency you spend.

Pledge $500- Franchise Banners and Signs Get unlimited vinyl signs for your brick and mortar store as well as custom website banners for the SwiftCoin Club franchise.

The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.
Have a look at the project link below for more information:

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