Tuesday 29 November 2016
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3 Christmas Books to Sell and Promote

Wade Webster is a writer who gains most of his income from driving trucks.

He was 47 years old before he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Now he can’t not write. The focus of everything he writes is pointing people to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior.

He lives by himself in Plano, Texas, but he’s never alone. His heavenly Father is always near thanks to the bridge Jesus built on the cross.
These books will introduce people to Jesus Christ in new and exciting ways.

The Extra Ordinary Christmas, How God used ordinary people to bring the most extraordinary person into the world, came about from his weekly blog. Some publishers consider that already published so they won’t touch it. It uses biblical fiction to retell the Christmas story from the Bible. One publisher said they were close to being ready to printing biblical fiction, but not quite yet. Biblical fiction is a very risky genre to write from his opinion. It’s a challenge to keep the Bible facts in place while adding new parts of the story that could have taken place. The last few verses in the Bible warn about taking that risk. Each of the 24 chapters brings in a different character and/or event of the story then gives insights into what lessons they offer us today. It’s a devotional book that can be read through Advent. When he wrote this on his blog he spent a whole week reading and re-reading each part of the Bible account to try to see it from all angles. It’s quite an intense form of Bible study to say the least.

Something’s Gotta Change is an adult contemporary story of how a wealthy businessman comes to Christ by reading Eek’s Gifts. It results in the saving of his business and his family. It doesn’t follow the “formula” that’s not a formula in the publishing business in that the turning point occurs in the middle of the book instead of near the end of it. In real life problems aren’t magically solved just because Jesus becomes real to someone.

Eek’s Gifts is a middle grade level book that uses a couple of mice to get to the true meaning of Christmas. I read on one agent’s blog that publishers are not looking for any talking animals, or fruit, or any other inanimate objects at this time. Talking vegetables have worn everybody out apparently. This is the book that got the most “it’s not a good fit for us” response. The woman who professionally edited it is a big Beatrix Potter fan. She loved it. So did one agent who didn’t take it on because she doesn’t represent children’s books. Eek is a mouse who rants at God for making him a mouse after his dad and three siblings get eaten by other animals. When his mom learns of his special whisker that twitches whenever there’s impending danger she takes him from the hollow log he was born in to the house she was born in. Along the way they discover his extremely rare gift of being able to understand what people say. Before another mouse is brought into the house by a visiting preacher Eek vows to never eat cheese. After Eek tells the Christmas story to Aagh, the girl mouse, she wants to know why people still celebrate this baby’s birth like this. They have to wait for the Christmas Eve service to discover Jesus is God in a human body. The salvation message is woven into the story and presented in the discussion questions that follow it.
World peace will only be found when Jesus Christ is Lord

Each of these books introduce people to Jesus in a different way to a different audience. Wade Webster says “My writing is not about me just telling a story. My writing is dedicated to tell people about Jesus as the Lord and Savior He is. I don’t water anything down to avoid scaring anybody off. I tell it like it is and let the Holy Spirit do His work on their heart. That’s my job as a writer.”

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