Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Friendly Brewery – Medieval Castle Brewery Restoration

Rebuild and reopen the ancient brewery in Castle Malesov, Czech Republic, and begin producing traditional beers with a modern twist.

New, young brewery , which honors a long tradition of brewing in Bohemia . Get to know us and the gourmet experience of our colorful world of beer tastes and fragrances.

A world where true our motto – Drink different …

Malesov is a new brewery honoring the ancient tradition of beer brewing in Bohemia, but also inspired by the world’s great beer regions. For our brewing process, we do it the original way, with no filtering or pasteurization, using only the highest quality original brewery ingredients. But the beers we make using these classic methods go well beyond the traditional.

In addition to time honored styles, the brewmasters at Malesov bring you new versions of those classics and introduce original beer styles. All our beers will delight you with their extraordinary taste.

The success of the castle Malesov restoration led us to a new goal – the restoration of an ancient brewery in Malesov, first mentioned in written sources in the 16th century. Because this goal is also a result of the efforts of a group of friends, it is only natural that the “friendly” concept also appears in the name of the brewery. We are excited to contribute to the renaissance of Czech beer culture now happening in our country.


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