Saturday 15 October 2016
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Help Time Management, a truly unique and wonderful story, to Become an Audiobook

In a search for his missing father Jeffrey Porter soon finds that if he is to lay claim to the future, he must first reclaim the past.

To reach a wider audience author S.W. Clemens has created a  Kickstarter campaign to ask your help in producing an audible version of Time Management. At its core it’s the story of two families living in the same house 140 years apart. Jeffrey Porter’s father is missing, and forces are conspiring to draw Jeffrey back to the mysterious house with two cellars, where he enlists the help of August Kimball, a man of quite different beliefs, talents and temperament. In their search, Jeffrey works to reconcile memory and fact, and soon finds that if he and August are to lay claim to the future, he must first reclaim the past.

Readers are saying, “a truly unique and wonderful story,” “surprising, but very satisfying,” and “history and family drama [that] keeps the reader engrossed until the last page.”

Time Management, a novel, comes in at 370 pages in the paperback format, and should run about 12 hours in an audible version.


Everyone who pledges $10 or more will receive a free ebook of Time Management, a novel.

Everyone who pledges $25 or more will receive a signed paperback and a free ebook of Time Management, a novel

Your support can make a difference

About Project Creator:

Scott_ClemensS.W. Clemens. That’s me. I spent my childhood in Del Mar, California, and have spent my adult life in Moss Beach.

I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature. I’ve been a bookbinder; factory worker;Epicurean Cover clerk; salesman; rum importer; stock trader; wine critic; newspaper columnist; professional wine judge; graphic artist; commercial photographer, and novelist.

However, for most of my career I’ve been an editor of food, wine and travel magazines, and was the editor/publisher of EPICUREAN magazine. I’m currently the editor/publisher of

I write non-fiction under the byline S.W. Clemens. As a wine, food and travel writer I’ve visited twenty-nine countries, tasted more than 100,000 wines, and written more than 500 articles. My photographs have graced the covers of dozens of magazines and books, and illustrated hundreds of articles.

I write fiction under the moniker S.W. Clemens. My novels, With Artistic License, and Time Management, a novel, are available on Amazon (here).
For further clarification please check the below link:

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