Tuesday 29 November 2016
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minkeFLIP light switch - A step forward in home automation

The open-source minkeFLIP light switch by Inadvance eliminates the need for a hub and proprietary protocols, by communicating via Wi-Fi. Setup is meant to be quite easy, as the unit fits into an electrical box for use as a light switch or a power output. You can then log onto the network it generates and point it to your home network for control.

A minkeFLIP can be used to convert any electrical component into an IoT device. It can be installed as a touch sensitive light switch, behind a traditional light switch, or be connected directly to a load, like a lamp, pump or heater, which can then be turned on or off using your WiFi network.

The minkeFLIP uses WiFi, which means you can communicate with it using your existing wireless network. You don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or install any software to use it, and you can rely on the protections built in to your WiFi network for security.

The user interface is flexible, making it easy to control from a web browser or to integrate with existing automation systems and software. We branched off of a popular open source project built on the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller (esp-httpd), which essentially provides a web server on a chip.

Once minkeFLIP joins a WiFi network, it can be addressed via the assigned IP, and any of the following methods can be used to manipulate the connected load:

  • Access the website hosted on minkeFLIP with a web browser and use the controls on the home page
  • Use direct routes (http://IP/flipon and http://IP/flipoff) from your browser, via bookmarks/favourites, or from any script or program that can initiate a web call (e.g. curl)
  • Utilize REST APIs to declare the state of the lights via a script or program using simple JSON snippets (e.g. HTTP POST { “flip”:”on” })

The minkeFLIP can broadcast state changes to a specified IP address to keep central automation suites informed.

Easy- Intuitive and easy to use products

Open- Source code/schematics available under open source licenses

Cost-Effective- Inexpensive compared to competition.



Pledge $5- Will keep you updated and email you the complete engineering package once the project is completed. Engineering package includes link to source code, schematics, PCB layout and detailed bill of material.

Pledge $20- First 500 orders get $2 off! One minkeFLIP lightswitch including installation instructions.

Pledge $90- Bulk Order Pricing 10% off! Four minkeFLIP lightswitches including installation instructions.

Pledge $200- Bulk Order Pricing 20% off! Ten minkeFLIP lightswitches including installation instructions.

About Project Creator:

Steven Hughes – An Electronics Engineering Technologist with a decade of experience in industrial automation, power electronics and power transmission.

Colin Oliver – A software architect with a Computer Engineering Degree from University of Waterloo. Colin is a seasoned systems design engineer with advanced knowledge of several software disciplines.

Check out the link below to see more information:

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