Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Steampunk Crowdfunding Project by “Madonna’s Glove Maker”

Steampunk Costume and Accessories a new look is always waiting for you.

About this Project:

Steampunk Wolf is ready to expand our product line in a Vendor Space at Conventions and online after a successful online shop as well as an Amazon Handmade Store. Tracey Salbacka from Marina, CA says her lace gloves are represented in Los Angeles at the Residency Showroom by B Akerlund, stylist to stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Katie Perry. Famed stylists around the globe can borrow our gloves for events and photo shoots. She has raised a Kickstarter campaign on September 12 with a goal of raising $1,500. She needs your help getting additional equipment, supplies, display racks, and fees for the larger booth spaces and she is offering some amazing costume accessories to potential pledges, many in time for Halloween.

Arm Warmers Galore!

Toddler & Girls Lace Gloves

Our goals start out small and have the potential to grow in leaps and bounds. We see ourselves in a brick and mortar store in the next five years. For now we are increasing our workshop space at home!

Smaller items needed include

  • Jewelry materials
  • Paints
  • Leather
  • Custom fabrics
  • Lace
  • Steampunk parts
  • Furniture for the new workroom

Medium Items

  • Display fixtures to fill our booth space
  • Toll free number for easy ordering
  • Funds to hire a Photographer
  • New custom fabrics designed by emerging Artists

Larger Items

  • 3D printer for custom goggles,jewelry and props
  • Upholstery/Leather sewing machine
  • Larger vehicle for carrying merchandise
  • Brick and Mortar store front

Pledge Items For Halloween

About Project Creator:

Tracey Salbacka

Visit Site

At age 50,while drinking mint tea in my pj’s, I was discovered by famed stylist B Akerlund.

The moment Madonna wore my lace gloves on TV, I became hip and cool in my children’s eyes.

While I am waiting patiently to become famous, I continue to wear pj’s all day if I feel like it, adore chocolate, read great books, dance to rock and roll music and sew!

Who knows what I will create next! But I am worth watching!
Check out the below link to see more information on the desk:

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