Saturday 15 October 2016
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THE SMARTIES’s show is for parents and children to enjoy and remember for years and years to come.

The Producer

“Lang’s Artistic Vision is the Nu Imperial Image productions”

A born & raised product of New York City, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, Bobby Lang’s passion for the arts in creating honest, informative, entertaining and insightful media productions has given rise to Nu Imperial Image Productions.

Mr. Lang has been writing since age eleven. His undeterred focus and natural ability to convey life experiences good, bad & ugly through his unique artistic expression gave way to playwriting. Lang’s remarkable business savvy, attention to detail and sheer dedication to making the impossible-possible, gave way to his notable directing and production skills.

The SMARTIES, is another soon-to-be-classic Kids Themed theatrical production from noted playwright, director & producer Bobby Lang and his visionary Nu Imperial Image Productions media brand.


The Smarties focuses on a group childhood classmates & friends, who inadvertently find themselves exposed to instant & overnight internet fame.

The Smarties, while on their way to a costume party, walk past a news reporter covering an important story. Recognizing that they’re in the cameraman’s shot, in an innocent moment of playful mischief, the Smarties begin dancing for the camera.

Thinking nothing of their impromptu dance routine thereafter, the very next day, the Smarties find themselves featured on multiple local news channels. Their performance video was also uploaded onto YouTube, generating over five million views overnight.

The Smarties decide to make use of their instant & overnight internet fame, by unselfishly looking to help people in need, all throughout New York City. It’s a heartwarming tale of selflessness, honesty, integrity, good morals and ethics, designed give kids constructive messages on how they can interact with their immediate communities and greater society in positive & innovative ways.

Other themed elements of the Smarties touch on issues of bullying and personal childhood differences, ultimately resolved by the intrinsic power of social unity over selfish individualism.
About Project Creator:

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Bobby Lang

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Mr. Lang is spearheading a cultural entertainment movement that is Nu Imperial Image Productions. A company dedicated to community, quality and culture beyond profit. The Nu Imperial Image’s Vision of Success is rooted in a strong, loving and committed connection to community, family and good health (mentally, socially, physically & spiritually).
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