Tuesday 29 November 2016
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StewardTech High Efficiency Turbine - Phase 2

Purchase shop space, tools and test auto to begin producing StewardTech high efficiency turbine.

Reduce The Cost of Gas And Improve The Environment!

We’d all like to do something about the cost of gas, and we’d all like to use our resources more efficiently. And if we could cut down pollutants and reduce dependence on foreign oil in the process, so much the better. Well, we at StewardTech believe we may have found a way to help do all of these things. And you are invited to join us in the process of bringing this dream to life.

We have a unique design (Patent Pending) for a turbine that we believe could replace piston engines in everything from lawnmowers to locomotives. And we believe these turbines will be more efficient, lower maintenance, easier to produce and more durable than their internal combustion counterparts. We think this idea has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry, and this is your chance to be a proud part of the revolution.

About StewardTech:

This project’s long-term vision is to reduce the cost of improving the environment and its resources. StewardTech’s Chief Designer Carl Kemp is looking to raise $100,000 to meet expenses leading to the prototyping of the company’s high efficiency turbine.

The high cost of gas has always been a great concern and reminds the mankind of the importance of efficient utilization of resources. Reducing the dependence on oil imported from foreign countries can also make a serious difference in the present scenario. Led by their Chief Designer Carl Kemp, StewardTech believes that they have found a solution to this problem.

StewardTech claims that they have designed a unique turbine that has the potential to replace piston engines in all types of applications. The company firmly believes that their new turbines will be more durable, easier to manufacture, more efficient, and require less maintenance compared to their internal combustion counterparts. StewardTech is inviting all to be a part of their journey towards developing a new technology that can revolutionize the transportation industry,

The overall impact of StewardTech high-efficiency turbine may include

  • Helping the environment by using less gasoline than an equivalent piston engine.
  • Cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable compared to a comparable piston engine.
  • Help people reduce gas consumption and overdependence on foreign oil.
  • Make life better for the common man.

StewardTech is an organization dedicated to building products that make life better. They want their products to use resources more wisely, both in the production of the product, and in its lifetime. They will create products that not just do the job but do the job better with less waste along the way.
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