Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Clenapure Botanicals for Healthy Bodies and Minds

Support the relaunch of Clenapure Botanical Body Products & help fight bullying & child abuse.

SUPPORT THE RELAUNCH OF CLENAPURE BOTANICALS FOR HEALHTY BODIES AND MINDS - Edwina Wright, Founder and President of Clenapure Botanical Body Products started making soaps in her kitchen and began selling them at local craft shows and home spa parties. Soon afterwards, she committed to using only plant-based ingredients after discovering that what we apply to our skin is quickly absorbed into our blood streams. After adding other natural body products such as lotions, body scrubs, and body oils, Clenapure was born! They are made with wholesome ingredients such as fruit and nut oils and butters, pure essential oils, floral waters, organic herbal and fruit extracts, minerals, vitamins and no parabens or dyes.

Edwina is planning a relaunch of her entire line of Clenapure products after realizing the need to update her Clenapure packaging in order to compete more effectively in the holistic bath and body care marketplace. Her relaunch will include more aesthetically appealing lables and graphics, more spa-like packaging, the first run of all Clenapure products in their new packaging, and the launch of a digital marketing campagin to announce the “new and improved” Clenapure products.

When you make a financial contribution to support the relauch of Clenapure, a portion of your donation will benefit local charities that help stop bullying and prevent child abuse. Please contribute to Clenapure’s relaunch today!
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Edwina Wright

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I am a health and wellness buff with a love for all things natural, which is why I chose to use “clean and green” ingredients to make my Clenapure products.  While doing in-store demos with Clenapure, I get great enjoyment from sharing health and wellness tips with my customers on topics such as which ingredients you should avoid in skin care products, to the benefits of eating certain fruits and vegetables.  Talking health and wellness?  You’ve got my ear!
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