Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Queens World Film Festival Young Filmmakers

QWFF: Creating the filmmakers of tomorrow and engaging the film lovers of today.

A film festival that is dedicated to screening challenging films from around the world and around the corner. A thriving Youth Initiative, public screenings in alternative spaces, building community by supporting filmmakers and filmlovers.

It’s not a good thing unless it’s a good thing for everyone.

Queens World Film Festival 

As you might already know,  every March, the Queens World Film Festival screens the best in international and local independent  cinema at the Museum of the Moving Image, the Secret Theatre and PS 69. No matter what.

What you might not know is that all year long, QWFF re-screens the festival films with Encore Screening events in museums, public parks, community centers, schools and alternative spaces.  We love to introduce indie cinema to people, it is an amazing responsibility.

We also have a Young Filmmakers Program that pairs Filmmaker Mentors with 5th graders to make their own films. If you work in Youth Development you know how incredible that can be.

Finally, we produce a screening series called ‘Old Spice’ for our more seasoned audiences living at Regal Heights Senior and Rehabilitation Center every other Thursday. It is our honor to do so.

For anyone in Non-profit, you know that there are times when growth outstrips capacity and you have to ‘dig deep’ or ‘whip and spur’ or ‘hang tough or ‘show grit’ or ‘gut it out’…..that is EXACTLY where we are.

We have grown and we have almost everything almost covered. Almost.

We find ourselves in the position of needing help to cover the Young Filmmakers Program, the Encore Screenings and Old Spice. We are surrounded by the best people in the world who bring their expertise, experience and commitment to these programs. We must must must compensate these artists. We must pay for materials, transportation, equipment, supplies, cables, batteries….and more.

Over the next several weeks we will publish new videos to tell you more about our goals and programs, the people who work so hard to make both happen.


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