Saturday 15 October 2016
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Library for Lavie

The Children of Lavie is a New York based grassroots nonprofit charitable organization with a singular mission: Plant the seeds of change by helping West African children (Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso) stay in school, get and complete an education to fulfill their dream of learning to read and write. Over the years, using only $10 per child/year, we have helped over 1,700 children with scholarships to stay in school and complete their education.At the dawn of 2016, The Children of Lavie received the 2015 NYU Award for Humanitarianism in recognition of our extraordinary work toward educating others about the need for participation in service and alleviating human suffering worldwide.

Keeping the focus on education and the promotion of learning, our project this year is to build a library the children need in Lavie, Togo.

Defenders of intellectual freedom libraries hold incredible promise for our minds. In the western world, libraries are the world’s most basic resource for advancement of people. Every school has one. Kids have library cards to their local libraries. Students connect to the rest of the world while working on their research assignments. The local business owners do research for their next endeavors. A local humanitarian looks up facts and figures on poverty, disease, malaria, child death and learns ways to prevent them and save lives. Townspeople read books, learn basic computer skills to achieve knowledge & intellectual leverage.


Yet in many places such as Lavie, people are denied this precious resource. Even schools don’t have libraries. Sowe’ve partnered with New York-based Architects to build libraries the youth needs. At an estimated cost of just $70,000, this 1st ever library will be built in Lavie. When you donate to build this library, your name will be featured on Library’s Donors Wall of the newly built library.

Your gift is crucial, risk-free, and is about planting the seeds of change. So we urge you to do the most good and choose to give as one of the following:

  • LAVIE GRASSROOTER: $50, get a book – Kofi, a child of Lavie
  • CHANGE FELLOW: $250, get 1“Seeds of Change” t-shirt, the book – Kofi, a child of Lavie
  • ADVOCATE: $1,000, Spelling Bee competition named after you
  • FRIEND-OF-CHANGE: $2,500, Reading Club named after you
  • BRONZE DONOR: $7,000, library hall named after you
  • SILVER DONOR: $10,000, Women Literacy program named after you
  • GOLD DONOR: $12,000, computer room named after you
  • PLATINUM DONOR: $15,000, study room named after you
  • CHANGE ALLY: $20,000, auditorium named after you
  • CHANGE MAKER: $70,000, library named after you

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Children of Lavie 

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The Children of Lavie is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible not-for-profit organization.
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