Saturday 15 October 2016
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the FacyLift: the First Beautifying Device for Baby Boomers

A under-the-scalp device that instantly and permanently knocks 5-10 yrs off of any 45-64 yr-old face

The FacyLift is a patented device made of medical grade silicone that once placed under the scalp of people aged 45-64 years old it will knock 5-10 off of any Baby Boomers’ face, male or female, permanently, thus instantly rejuvenating him/her by the use of only local anesthesia, with no down time, no need to shave head, at the Doctor’s office. As its motto says, “the Facylift is to Baby Boomers as breast implants are for young women”.

Right or wrong, people will judge others based on their appearance. As we age, expressing normal emotions added to squinting, winking, laughing, plus gravity, causes the skin of the face to stretch and wrinkle. By means of the FacyLift, my goal is to instantly and permanently restore the freshness and beauty lost in the 4th and 5th decade, thus increasing the self-confidence and self esteem of baby boomers, using a minimally invasive technology, with a low cost and minimum side effects.

Greetings! My name is Ricardo. I have been a university Biochemistry professor, a P&G manager, an author, entrepreneur, a bamboo furniture builder, an inventor. Years ago, during a meditation session, I posed the question (to God, to my Higher Being) regarding my desire to be financially independent.  The FacyLift idea came upon me. Complete. With all details, blueprints, what to do. For the last seven years, I have fought my way with the US patent office to get the patent and the trademarks all cleared. I created a company. My very capable daughter helped me with the video, and the manufacture and blueprinting of the 3D prototype. I have identified and contacted the mold manufacturer and the raw material providers. The stage is all set. With an audience of 84 million eager Baby Boomers, I just need enough money to clear the very last hurdles with the FDA and KaBoom!: the project will bootstrap itself , generating enough funds to be a self sustainable and growing business. Contributors will help me with the initial push. A snowballing effect will soon ensue. In the process, those who help me fund my project will also benefit, in turn: they will soon feel the rejuvenating effects of an instant face lifting, without the massive scarring, the down time, the huge cost of the normal procedure, and at the same time elevating their self-esteem.
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Ricardo Fuenmayor

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Louisiana State U. graduate (MSc, BS Food Science), AD in Chemistry, worked for 20 years as Biochemistry and Nutrition university professor at UNELLEZ (Venezuelan University), worked for 3 yrs as Project Manager for Procter and Gamble, LA Division, 3 yrs at a IVIC, the largest research institute in Venezuela, my home country,

I had a start up (packing soy flour product. Vzla.), author of a book on Past Life Regression Theraphy, bamboo furniture builder. In a meditation, I asked God for financial independence: He/She sent me the whole package (design, name, patent advice, etc). Now, being a Canadian citizen, I work as a building superintendent in Toronto. Rhinus Comnpany Inc. the manufacturer of the Facylift was registered in New York City.
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