Wednesday 21 December 2016
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ExploreTraveler Travel Books

Join us in making our travel book series a success, and help us to our goal.

As a family traveling and living around the world for over twenty years it is our passion to educate people on the societal positives of international travel.

  • Being versed in world politics.
  • Understanding what your home countries actions mean internationally.
  • Bringing this understanding back home, and educating others.

People sometimes think they cannot make a difference but with each other, hard work, and creativity we say “Yes You Can!”

What We Need & What You Get

We need funds for book publication and editing.

  • The total funds needed is $5000.00 for the book publisher.
  • We will give you a signed copy of our book by the whole team.
  • Any funds still needed will be funded by our family so the publication still moves forward.

Your Impact

Allot of our researchers are from small villages and we have been paying them to gather information for us. This allows them to have some basic employment where very little exists.

  • By helping us you help us help poor villagers, and help educate people on the need of traveling abroad.
  • We have been very successful with our travel blog
  • We would love to have you involved in our travel book project via our social media, and to get feedback on the book, and photographs.


About Project Creator:

John Gentry

John Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan. Early on he spent the better part of the 90’s working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels.


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