Saturday 15 October 2016
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As a Military veteran of 14 and counting years of service I left college in the winter of 1999 due to personal reasons.  But because I was on Athletic Scholarship my elgibility clock was ticking even though I wasnt even enrolled in school.  Who informed me of this rule?  Who talked me into staying in college?  Who reached out? The answer is NO ONE.

When I ask all the What-A, Should-A and Could-A Athletes what happened and why they never went on to play college sports they all say the same thing.  NO EXPOSURE.  Sure, I can count on both hands the amount of talent that made it to the next level but I can assure you the number that didn’t but should have is way superior.

Back to my college day’s, after disenrolling from NAIA college in Jackson, MS, I at some point in 2002 decided to join the US Army for 5 years.  Well in 2007 I got my honorable discharge and went back to college this time with the GI Bill in hand and 3 years remaining in eligibility-SO I THOUGHT.  After physically, mentally and emotionally making the starting line-up at a Division 2 college and going through the 3 a day workouts that come with college athletics I was pulled into the compliance officers office and was basically told that my elgibility ran out in 2004.  As you can imagine I pleaded for my life as they cleaned out my locker.  My dreams and hopes of finishing what I started in 1999 after high school was destroyed forever.

But from the ashes instead of crying and weeping for months I decided to begin informing Student-Athletes about the process of college recruiting and what to do in high school to get the exposure you need regardless of your skill level, location or size.

My very first recruit came from a very tiny 1-A Louisiana High School but played College Football on the Division 1 level.  As you can imagine I took a lot of pride knowing that I assisted this young athlete achieve his goals of playing college football and I took it a step furthur and actually mentored him throughout his entire career thru all of the hard times that he expereinced with coaching staff changes and the horrors that exist in college sports and pursuing his degree.

My motivation now as it has been 8 years ago is to ensure that all aspiring athletes have the information and tools at their disposal to make the best decision possible while pursuing a higher education.
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I am Ulysses Barnes, Jr, Founder of Barnes Elite Recruiting Services.

Growing up in Port Sulphur, Louisiana my community was not always blessed with tons of exposure for the amount of talent that was in the High Schools from Belle Chasse and below.  So in 2007 I decided to begin a journey to assist under-the-radar Student-Athletes receive athletic scholarships to programs across the country.  The story doesn’t start nor stop here.
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