Monday 4 April 2016
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Chicagrow House (1 house, 80 people fed daily)

With my experience in managing a farming/retreat center in Northern California I quickly saw that the agricultural problems were not going to be solved through outdoor farming methods due to the amount of resources needed, and distribution complexity. I did not see a formidable solution to combatting these problems through traditional monoculture production which has the output of a diet lacking in nutritional merit. I also did not see a solution in non-traditional organic production that winds up on the shelf of a high end grocery store. I thought the solution must be to redefine agriculture through the use of technology and the promotion of local food. This will result in cheaper food that exceeds the quality of its more expensive competitor.

Chicagrow House’s main gallery’s year-round, aesthetic agronomical system, will produce superfoods for cooperative members to receive as gifts. Members will receive gifts of produce boxes containing highly nourishing produce: spinach, tomatoes, greens, herbs, goji berries, golden berries, and others. Members also have the opportunity to visit the space for experiential art showings containing a prepared menu of items from a diverse range of salads and smoothies. Our superfood-centered kitchen will be designed to nourish the body with all essential vitamins and a variety of nutrients, that are often ignored by traditional diets.

Our products will fulfill the needs of the liberal-minded clientele of PIlsen, that is predominantly lacking healthy food options, because the area is residential, gallery, and artistic spaces. Many of these residences, especially loft buildings, are concentrating the amount of people in the space, without providing adequate foods options for all. This artistically minded environment also hosts a demographic more appealed to environmentally sustainable agronomic efforts. Consequently this neighborhood, it’s community, and the art walk that will visit the space monthly offers a fertile environment for creating a community that shares healthy, organic foods.


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