Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Donate to Support Denis Miki Foundation’s 2016 Projects

DMF 4 youth empowerment, capacity building, gender equality, civic engagement, community development

Denis Miki Foundation (DMF) is a nonprofit that was created to impact the lives of the poor rural and urban people. The vision of DMF is as a result of the challenges faced by the Founder after the passing away of her father. DMF seeks to empower the poor, orphans, widows and the vulnerable and marginalized groups and create a change in their lives through capacity building programs, charity outreach programs, women and youth empowerment training sessions and community development programs. Our projects are presently self-funded and with our big vision for change we can not do it without a helping hand.  So we count on your support to be able to meet our goals and create the change we want.

Denis Miki Foundation is a registered nonprofit organisation in Cameroon, Sub-Saharan Africa working to sustainably develop local and rural communities and people. We seek to impact lives via

  • women empowerment projects
  • youth empowerment projects
  • capacity building projects
  • rural and local communities development projects
  • charity projects to widows, orphans and vulnerable children and people.

We do this through educational, health, human rights, civic participation and democracy projects, communication and talent and arts promotion projects.

We help low-income families and poor communities become more financially stable and developed through capacity building programs and sustainable community development outreach programs.

Risks & Challenges

We wouldn’t deny but admit that we have faced several challenges in the past years number one of them been the unavailability of funds. Reason why we decided to take the bold step and seek for help in achieving our dreams.

  • We believe that the fact that we have people who believe in our visions we will be able to overcome every challenge whatsoever.
  • We have put in place programs to help us go across our challenges like frequent trainings of our team and exchange programs.


About Project Creator:

Emilia Miki

She is the Founder of Denis Miki Foundation an NGO which started three years ago with the goals to sustainably develop communities through youth empowerment, capacity building projects and social entrepreneurship. She is a graduate from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon with a Master’s Degree in International Communication and Public Action and a BSc in Nursing from the University of Buea. In 2015 she made the finals of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award and as a result was given the honour to become an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is a member of World Pulse, a community for grassroots women leaders.


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