Monday 4 April 2016
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Bundle Beds - Sleep Anywhere


A brand new roll out camping bed… Bundle Beds give you the comfort of your own bed, rolled out in seconds, wherever you choose.

Bundle Beds are a sleek and modern spin on the old roll-out bed. Perfect for camping trips, music festivals, and visiting guests, the Bundle Beds makes sleeping easy, anywhere. After just 65hrs of the campaign being live on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the Bundle Beds project has been fully funded and is still seeing more reward purchases coming in.

Pledges have been made by over 170 backers from all over the world; UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Brunei, Australia… With such a quick success story on the site, Bundle Beds are now working on new reward ideas and stretch goals to double there target and reach for the stars.

So what is a Bundle Bed? The Bundle Bed conveniently stores everything needed for a good night’s sleep into one compact, easy to carry, water-resistant bundle that rolls out in seconds.

Each bundle includes: a comfortable five centimetre thick self-inflating mattress, an ultra-cosy duvet and comfy pillow and soft jersey cotton fitted sheets (machine washable). It is extremely durable, with heavy-duty buckles, bar tack reinforced straps and strong zips and buttons. The hydrophobic synthetic down duvet and pillow are moisture wicking, stopping you from getting damp at night, whilst ensuring a comfy and cosy night’s sleep.

“We’d like to get more people out exploring, whether it be seeing more of the outdoors, partying at a festival or visiting family and friends. Until now, portable beds have been uncomfortable, bulky or hard to set up. We’ve created a portable, comfortable and convenient solution for a night away in the comfort of your own bed. The Bundle Bed makes having fun with friends and family, getting out and about and seeing new things, easy to do.” says creator Lucy Bartlett

About Project Creator:

James Clark and Lucy Bartlett are two friends who love camping, love travelling, but most of all, love a good nights sleep. They have designed a portable bed solution that allows for a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep, rolled out in seconds, anywhere – The Bundle Bed.

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