Wednesday 29 June 2016
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‘A Book’ of art and poetry

‘A Book’ was composed and illustrated using only black pens, other than scanning and printing there has been no computer editing or involvement.


A Book is a collection of poems and quotes that I have written over the last few years. I have spent the last year illustrating hand written copies of my work to create a book that is completely unique and designed by hand, there has been no editing or enhancement and other than scanning and printing, computers have not been involved in the production of my book. I chose to do ‘A Book’ this way because something as expressive and liberating as poetry and art shouldn’t be caged by a computers limitations.


About Project Creator:

Nicholas Rendall

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I am a black pen artist and poet. My work revolves around the idea of creating as much as possible from the most simple medium, a black pen, and by combining my poetry and illustrations I am able to express even the most complex emotions and thoughts in a surprisingly intricate way. The opening quote of the book is ‘The primary purpose of language is to convey meaning’ and I believe that to set the tone for the rest of ‘A Book’.


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