Tuesday 9 May 2017
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TwinPole: the only 2in1 (Extension Pole + Floating Grip) for your GoPro

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GoPro Extension Pole, Compact, Strong, Anodized Aluminum, Floating Grip, Bobber, Reach, versatile, GoPro handler , Lifetime warrenty.

PRO-Mounts TwinPole: the first 2 in 1 combination for your GoPro

  • Versatile: 2 hottest GoPro accesoires combined: Extension Pole + Floating Grip = TwinPole. Use it as an extended reach or as a bobber, also in and on the water.
  • Save Money: over 50% on your Extension Pole + Floatable Grip combination, without giving in on quality
  • Compact: less space, less weight, easier to carry around while traveling

Being an extremely pro-active GoPro user for over 7 years I now placed my heart & soul in creating innovative gadgets and mounts to make use of my GoPro the best possible way during my travels. Alongside being an extensive user I also opened a GoPro webshop where we sell more than 250 different GoPro and other Action Camera accessories.

We offer more than 50 different products from world famous brands such as GoPro, PolarPro, GoPole, SP Gadgets and more. In addition to this we also sell the Chinese versions. Using this extensive experience and knowledge we realised one product was missing: something that would combine everything you need in 1 product: an Extension Pole + Floating Grip combo.

With this in mind our company started working over a year ago. Slowly we began to evolve a serious product. Simplicity was the key we always kept in mind. We are well aware that people who own an action camera want to travel light - everything should fit in one backpack.

So to decrease luggage space and improve versatility we produced the TwinPole. Everybody likes to be his stick as compact as possible - during the action, travelling, or on the way to a party. You have just 1 product: an extremely high quality extendable pole including grip, which you can use in all situations. The floatable hand-grip is detachable, by simply unscrewing it you can use it as a Bobber for filming closeby. This way  the user has two high-quality products in one.

I started by sharing our ideas with a 3D designer early 2015. From then on the project and began to look better and better.

Many meetings followed and the project slowly was evolving to the product we had in mind.

With these designs in hand we contacted various factories in China and requested quotes, samples and more knowledge, months later we received the first samples.

Soon enough we had the samples and we began meticulously focusing on the finer details.

We needed the right volume in the grip so it keeps your GoPro floating but at the same time it needed to remain compact for ease of use by children and teenagers. After we found the right floating grip configuration we focused more on the pole as it need to last a lifetime! A couple of mounts and many samples later the TwinPole became much closer to our desires.

Having recently received the pre-production samples the look and feel now exceeds our expectations, the durability is GREAT, the functionality PERFECT and the ease of use is THE BEST!

Recently we got Pre-Productions samples and the look ‘n feel is GOOD, the durability GREAT, the functionality PERFECT and the ease of use THE BEST!
About Project Creator:

Michael Reed

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Born in the UK in 1963 I moved to Holland early 70ties. Did all mandatory schools and started to work in Fashion, and moved to Entertainment / CE at Nintendo. During & After my period at Nintendo I started the first dedicated Game store in Holland, followed by a small Franchise. After a couple of years I sold that and continued to work for International Companies like the BAT (British American Tabaco)

and slowly moved into VP roles at MAGIX (VP Sales & Marketing Northern Europe), G Data (Business Development EMEA) & AVG (VP rest of World). During my last employment I started a GoPro Web shop and when my last employment contract was not renewed I started to focus fully to my Web shop(s) and the GoPro accessories.
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