Friday 30 June 2017
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Healthy Host

The new fitness and healthcare app developed by Healthy Host is for small businesses in this domain who can empower their offerings with a value added, mobile friendly app. For the millennial generation who opt for fitness on the go, this app will help them keep track of their fitness routines. This intelligent app is powered with a human edge, to remind busy people to take time for keeping themselves hydrated, exercise, track progress and take their supplements.

Lucy Bradley conceptualized Healthy Host as an affordable solution for small businesses who cannot embark on extensive technology projects to leverage their market appeal. The iOS version of the product has been a trending success, with as many as 4 brands launching them successfully. The user-friendliness, adaptability and affordability of the apps have made them figure among the top 20 fitness apps in market. Healthy Host is desirous of trendsetting in the Android platform as well, with financial backing from global contributors on Crowdfunder.

The apps are informative and can advocate adherence to a fitness regime for people. Businesses can use this as an effective branding tool to build reputation in the health and fitness sector. The cost of app development is optimized and will seamlessly integrate with the promotional budgets of small businesses. Healthy Host encourages health, wellness and fitness businesses to build a fitness conscious and a healthy community using the benefits of high-end technology. Since the app is developed at an affordable cost, the businesses will be refrained from passing on the same and burdening end users, as being done by established healthcare businesses.

Have a look at the Crowdfunder link below for more information:

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