Monday 27 August 2018
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Fact Activewear

Versatile, functional and perfect for dynamic, active and energetic individuals, the Fact_Activewear is a brand to contend with when it comes to designing apparel that suits the needs and preferences of those on the go. Fast_ founder Scott Mayers and his team now bring you Coronado, a shorts with a difference. Anti bacterial, sweat resistant, moisture wicking– these are just some of the many useful features this activewear is equipped with. Phones of leading brands and sizes can be fitted into the pockets and the shorts also come with reflective heat transfer and stretch drawcord. The company is currently looking for support on Kickstarter to bring this revolutionary, hi-tech product at an affordable price for a global audience. Scott and his team have come up with the perfect activewear to keep you fit and fine all day long. Learn more about this amazing product right here. This four way stretch pair of shorts is priced at just US$34, compared to 60 or 90 in the market for such cutting-edge activewear. So, affordability and technology combine to yield the world’s best shorts for any workout. Get going with Coronado, the activewear shorts for energetic, fit guys.
If you want to support this project , Check the Fact _ Activewear Link below:

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