Monday 27 August 2018
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Brownie Points Card Game

When Jared King created the Brownie Points Card Game along with co-inventor Tammy, he was looking for a way to make people laugh and exult in scoring points against other competitors in this canny card game. And Jammy (as Jared and Tammy are known in a style reminiscent of the Benifers and other Hollywood style monikers) are looking to make this brutally witty card game a part of a wider offering to an audience that will surely delight in playing it.

Designed to evince thrills, chills and excitement, this card game by Jared and Tammy seeks to bring squirts, the Dog House and the Brownie Points Slap Attack to every household that loves a fun-filled game and an unforgettable adventure. The thrilling ride never ends as even when the deck is exhausted, the excitement shoots up as players fight to offload cards and the massive point scorer wins the game. Every minute of this game brings fun, adventure and excitement into your living room and your life. Get set, ready and go with the Kickstarter campaign looking to secure US$10,000 for this Sacramento CA based gaming team to give the world its own unique and iconic brownie points card game.
Have a look at the KICKSTARTER link below:

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