Monday 27 August 2018
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Protagonists of a History

Protagonists of a History is a short documentary-fiction film made to improve human cultural consciousness.

Protagonists of a History is an independent short film budgeted at approximately $114’000 for its pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and promotion.

The film is intended to be exhibited in theaters and television, primarily in Brazil and Latin America, but also abroad.

It is a documentary-fiction film genre, which a focus on some pressing social issues as its topic, namely those of racism and sexism.

The Project Director desires to hire an experienced and talented cast and crew in the picture and use a high-quality equipment for filming, thereby adding to the film’s emotional value, professionalism and audience appeal.

Protagonists of a History tells why racism and sexism are wrong and how they can be removed from the collective cultural consciousness, through a touching and impactful storytelling, involving two key characters, who illustrate the path of the enslaved African people and their descendants, celebrating remarkable women, who have been struggling for freedom, recognition, better life conditions and more importantly, the right to life, because of the roles they have inherited by a biased and patriarchal system.
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