Monday 27 August 2018
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Blankhood Exhibition

When Jordan T. Robinson set out to make art his mission in life, he was faced with many challenges. Now the arts administrator is looking at a giant sized one. The Trump Administration seeks to reduce the endowment fund for artistic and cultural endeavors to a mere USD 30 million. Jordan and his team of eager, creative and talented artists therefore need your support to bring the Blankhood exhibition featuring the concept of Rites of Passage to life.

The donor levels vary all the way from a Neighbor to a Major Sponsor. Patrons will receive honorable mentions and a chance to give support for this worthy artistic endeavor. Just USD 14,500 is needed to bring the work of 5 talented artists to a wide audience. Deserving the support he seeks every bit, Jordan’s purpose has been to give art life. In his mission to produce an exhibition in Durham NC, he seeks to raise awareness regarding the relevant issues of our times. Help give the artists and his efforts your wholehearted support, whether it is in terms of time or money. Reach out today and give the artists and social leaders of tomorrow a chance to grow and gain a strong voice.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO link below:

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