Monday 27 August 2018
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Candy kimmel introduced Scratch N’ Trim, a revolutionary claw trimmer that is 100% effective with regular use and now cats can trim their own claws. The scratcher can be placed next to the kitties where cat need to scratch the furniture.

A Humane Alternative to Declawing

Declawed cats cannot defend themselves from other cats they become overly defensive. Because of sensitive, painful pads declawing causes many behavior changes such as litter box avoidance.

Big cat is getting a good workout while the small one is taking rest. Place the tray where the kitties like to scratch.

Scratch N’ Trim is a kind of cat scratcher with a layer of tear no mess sand paper beneath the sisal. I tested the product for a year to find the right combination of design and material that would effectively trim the cat’s claws. It is designed in the way to make it most comfortable for the cats to scratch, and something they would love to use.

Specifications :

  • There are two patents. One is full utility patent in 2010 for the use of abrasives in a cat product and a “patent pending” for the new and improved design.
  • Sisal is best material for luring cat’s.
  • A layer of no tear, no sand paper is hidden beneath the sisal.
  • 100% effective with regular use.
  • 18.5” L X 10” W. This size fits a big and small cats comfortably.
  • A perfect gift for cat lovers.

Link to the Project:

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