Monday 27 August 2018
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Beer unn Anneres

Beer unn Anneres was an online beverage platform envisioned by Thorsten Zeiger and the initiative of this dynamic entrepreneur. The company now plans to expand to stationary distribution, so that people can taste the beer before buying it. The special part about Beer unn Anneres is that it offers beer lovers and drinkers of this beverage worldwide a chance to appreciate the vintage and classic beer from smaller, regional breweries. While the smaller breweries may lack the resources to put their wares out, they have garnered sizable accolades for the same.

Larger breweries cannot hope to offer the individualistic and distinct taste these homegrown breweries are offering. To give their efforts and outstanding products a chance to reach a wider audience, Beer unn Anneres is supporting these award-winning breweries in their worthy endeavor for beer lovers worldwide. Help support Beer unn Anneres and fulfil this beverage company’s mission of providing a brew few can match and many should savor.


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