Monday 27 August 2018
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ArkoBlox | Wood Building Block For The Creative Mind

ArkoBlox interconnecting wooden blocks are a child’s perfect partner and playmate for creativity and artfulness. Conceptualized and designed by Bryan Natter, when he wanted to gift his son, a plaything which will unearth innovation and analytical thinking in young minds. The ambitious campaign to raise $8000 on Kickstarter is underway, enabling creation, delivery and distribution of quality, flawless pieces of beech wood blocks that can transform into wonderful combinations, ranging from a simple animal-shape to voluminous forts, roads and towering landscapes.

With ArkoBlox, every child becomes an architect as sky is the limit for working out as many as 1600 ways to connect 2 pieces of the building blocks. Naturally with an 80 or 200 set of ArkoBlox, boredom is shown the door, with children engaged day-long in making limitless combinations. Bryan Natter has already crafted a prototype and has entered into collaborations with two manufacturers, so as to organize molds for mass production. The magnitude of funds stated in the campaign are justified in the light of expenditure on materials, high-precision machinery for making accurate holes of the right dimensions, depth and distance on the blocks, into which the pins penetrate, holding together the ArkoBlox in firm unison.

Contributors in varying denominations are welcome. While a pledge of $ 240 or more can help create 200 ArkoBlox with 800 pins, a contribution of $ 500 or more can craft a set of 400 ArkoBlox with 1600 pins.
If you want to support this project , Check the KICKSTARTER Link below:

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