Monday 27 August 2018
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Bukvy: Luxury 5-in-1 Bag in organic leather innovated by Elena

The Bukvy group comprises of the two organizers Elena Ekström and Joanna Bark, Stockholm based and closest companions since the age of six. The team trusts it is conceivable to change the way we all expend. The primary Bukvy-mission was to make a sack that truly underpins ladies’ multi-entrusting life. They needed to configuration better things, however they likewise need to deliver them in the most supportable way.

The group never does deals, so this is a one of a kind chance to get a Bukvy rebate. With the exception of the decreased estimating you will likewise get ceaseless updates and understanding in the creation procedure and they obviously answer every one of your inquiries in regards to generation – as usual.

Envision what a superb thing to realize that an excellent day by day buddy will touch base in August! All help means everything to the makers – a cheer, an offer or a buy is all exceedingly valued.
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