Monday 27 August 2018
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SAVE Save Ambient Vacation Everywhere

A very smart, practical, innovative and dynamic object is brought to the world named SAVE i.e Save your Ambient your Vacation Everywhere. This object is designed to protect our environment ,the beauty of our nature etc.

When we go on beaches there is indefinite joy experiencing walking barefoot on clean sand. The joy of happiness becomes two times. If you know sea covers 71% of our planet and it is said to be the lung of earth. Hence, it is our duty to protect this gift of god from spoiling.

SAVE is handy to use and fully ecofriendly. It is made up of totally recycled material and can be moved anywhere.


  • Designed to safeguard our planet.
  • It comes with smart and cute design and with bright colors.
  • It is basket shaped object with detachable net.
  • It is compact in size so it can be easily placed in sand.


  • SAVE is simple to use and functional
  • Fill the basket with sand and use it for the whole day
  • At the end of the day, simply extract the net and the cigarette butts are separated from the sand.
  • The net has remains only of cigarette butts ready to throw away.
  • The clean sand is now ready to go on the beach again and SAVE is also happy to be used again.

Have a look at the below link for more information:

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