Monday 27 August 2018
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Winter Tour UK 2017

Dance that enthralls and movements that liberate the soul form the cornerstone of every performance by JuStLivedaNce/JSLN ballet group led by Sören Niewelt. Principal dancer Jessica Larbig and her team of talented artists enchant and mesmerize audiences worldwide with their purity of movement and energetic spirit. Their performances have enthralled many audiences across the globe. The JSLN dance company begins its second consecutive UK tour this winter after the outstanding Variations of Pointe II tour in June and July this summer.

Sören and Jessica, along with their group of skilled and creative performers, are inspired by a vision of world class ballet that reaches audiences worldwide. The JSLN dance group holds that ballet speaks a universal language, when it comes to dance as an expression of emotions and the inner soul. As such, it deserves to reach every audience, not just the ideal venues with the perfect stage.

Bringing ballet performances to care homes and schools, JSLN breaks the barriers through a neoclassical dance movement that inspires one and all. The crowdfunding campaign for supporting the JSLN dance company’s latest initiative is currently on Indiegogo. Extend your generous support and give ballet a chance to become a unique and universal medium of expression and creativity, across a multitude of settings in communities, towns and villages, not just a theater or a stage.
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