Monday 27 August 2018
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Corn Pong™️

Corn Pong began as a crazy idea to me many months ago. Ted Skala was playing beer pong and he suddenly envisioned and thought that could collect the thrown balls. After all, he has always loved playing horseshoes, bocce ball, and corn hole. Everyone loves these games and he knew that ping pong balls would work somehow.

Some parts of the game that he was designing were set in stone already: This is because corn hole and beer pong already have universal rules - corn hole features 4 throws for each person, from 1-3 points are awarded per throw, and throws are canceled to score each round. In beer pong, the table length is 8 feet and ping pong balls are used. By keeping these core elements, he knew the game would be fun and easy to play.
Link to the Project:

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