Monday 27 August 2018
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UK based Future Point Group is a Community Interest Company delivering on social impact through three different, but related programmes: Future Point (Africa), Future Point Student Recruitment and Future Point UK. Future Point (Africa) offers vulnerable African youth a chance to build their lives and to create a brighter and economically sustainable future for themselves. The programme is designed to help those with good grades, but inadequate financing, to access better futures and an enriching, rewarding academic experience marking their entry into gainful employment. Africa has the youngest working population in the world and its population is growing at one of the fastest rates, especially in the Sub-Saharan region where poverty, hunger and a lack of opportunity confront young people every day. To make their futures secure, Future Point Group (Africa) has focused on creating either funding opportunities and access to scholarships for the academically proficient and income generating schemes through small enterprises for others. Future Point Student Recruitment, also for African youth, is designed to facilitate student entry and study at colleges and universities in the UK. Future Point UK focuses on helping vulnerable sections of the population in socially deprived areas such as those with longer-term health conditions, disabilities, criminal records, advancing age, gender or ethnic minorities, men and women from the LGBTI community and those facing discrimination and disappointments on a daily basis. The programme also works to re-empower those whose lives have been adversely affected by a significant life change. As a whole, Future Point Group works to secure the financial, practical and other resources vulnerable persons with life challenges need to attain sustainable livelihoods and bright futures that they can look forward to.
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  1. Sean Lai

    This is a great initiative. Well thought out. I have already made a contribution to their campaign.


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