Monday 27 August 2018
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Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures Game

District Games, a game development studio since 2012 has been at the forefront of cutting edge 3D games. Their latest offering is the game Zero Gravity. This miniature magnetic game offers a unique chance to play and win points called Cheers in an innovative 3-D environment. The exquisitely painted miniatures have a magnetic force that extends its power to provide intriguing gaming opportunities to players. The District Games is a gaming studio that offers excellent gaming opportunities and is associated with top names in the industry such as CMON and Walt Disney, which it has served.

Zero Gravity involves 4 games pitted against each other namely Milwaukee Eagles, Tokyo Demons, Moscow Jackals and Irish Sharks. The team comprises a commander, 14 miniatures, 3 harriers and 10 troopers. The stretch goals enable unlocking of a sniper and runner miniature in place of the harriers. This stunning game innovates to the point where players can enjoy an amazing experience. Seeking 25,000 euros on Kickstarter as funds, District Games offers Zero Gravity to players not satisfied with current gaming offerings. Check out how you can be part of this game and its financing and support on Kickstarter.
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