Friday 30 June 2017
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ashwell a Patented Smokeless Fragrant Liquid ashtray

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ashwell is a patented, fragrant, liquid filled ashtray that is environmentally friendly, extinguishes a burning cigarette instantly, leaving no lingering smoke.

ashwell is intended to be user friendly allowing for an easier transition of cigarette butts to eliminate as much odor and mess as possible.

ashwell is an original cutting edge design that is novel and a smokeless ashtray of the future.

It’s new and fragrant, vivid and easy to use, eco mindful and safe. It is likewise convertible to effectively use on tabletops with the sleek and classy canister, transporting the inner cup on the go to your vehicle. For the smoker and non-smoker, ashwell is here for the environment, not only is the liquid biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable, it is water-soluble so helps with cleanup.

Great for use at home, on the patio, in the car, golf cart and RV. The aluminum canister is rust free, idea for coastal areas and boating!

Patent approved in USA, pending patent in Europe and Hong Kong.

The ashwell Starter Kit incorporates packets of the fragrant liquid to mix with water, each packet will last through 30-35 cigarette butts. This liquid will act as a decomposer as it breaks up the cigarette butts and sinks them, allowing for absolute compaction and maximum use.

The Starter Kit also includes an LED Light and your choice of color combination with a canister and cup. The plug adds to the versatility and peace of mind to travel without spillage and mess. The scent dot added to the plug increases the effect of fragrance and aroma whether in use or not.

The company requires backing related help to get the item running with deals and showcasing.

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Kickstarter page:

ashwell Starter Kit is also available on the website, along with individual parts, packet refills and fun options. Please also check out the ‘how to’ video on the youtube/Youtube for assembly, use and cleaning instructions.

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