Friday 30 June 2017
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Extatic tic

“Only in scene” that does not fit in any box because ecstasy would not hold …

A middle-aged woman, convinced that she is in perfect mental health, sets out to share with her audience the sources of inspiration that have emancipated her and led her to seek felicity. A recent trip to Goa in India has finalized this unusual journey, enamelled with ecstatic dance, yoga, mantras, shakras, absurd encounters with a qi gong master, a “psychic”, a Dutch woman Born of the union of Heaven and Earth, a doctor who heals with waving fingers … With jubilation, it alternates languages, game registers, language levels, singing, dancing .. But soon there are flaws in the prism of this effervescence, revealing a touching humanity, full of contradictions, in search of a new way of being in the world.

Fabienne Gonzalez is an actress, author, director, translator and trainer. After a master’s degree in Chinese, she obtained a scholarship in Taiwan where she was initiated at the Beijing Opera for 2 years. Back in France, in parallel to the profession of guide-interpreter in Chinese, she trained with the clown with Michel Dallaire and Philippe Gaulier. View Full Bio
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